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Swift Handling Of Municipal Code And Traffic Violations

Local governments establish and update rules regulating many aspects of day-to-day life. It is easy to run afoul of a section of the municipal code or the traffic/parking code. Not only can these violations land you in justice or criminal court in your hometown, they can end up costing you valuable time and money trying to resolve them.

Dianne LeVerrier, co-founder of Jordan & LeVerrier, P.C., brings experience as a former local prosecutor to your defense. She understands the nuances of municipal and parking/traffic codes. She has served the East Hampton and Suffolk County region for many years and is familiar with the courts in many local jurisdictions.

Municipal Code Violations

Local municipal laws change often, making it difficult for homeowners to know what is permitted and what isn’t.  Sometimes, this leads to homeowners unintentionally making improvements or renovations which lack compliance with the current code.  The result is a municipal violation which unexpectedly lands homeowners or businesses in local justice or criminal courts.  If you have been served with a municipal violation or are unclear as to whether activities on your property comply with the code, call our attorneys at Jordan & LeVerrier, P.C. for information regarding how to proceed.

Traffic And Parking Violations

Commuters to the East End are often baffled by parking restrictions and may be unfamiliar with local speed zones and traffic laws.  This lack of familiarity can unexpectedly land residents and commuters in local traffic court or criminal court. If you have received a traffic, moving or parking violation, call our firm for information regarding how to proceed.

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