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Jordan & LeVerrier, P.C. Verdicts

We have had many successful outcomes for our clients during the decades of our practice experience. Here is a sampling of those results:

In July 2015, following a one-week trial, Ms. LeVerrier obtained a defense verdict in favor of an international real estate corporation, confirming its entitlement to brokerage commissions earned by its reputable brokers.

May 2015, Ms. LeVerrier successfully enjoined the opening of a copy-cat business, which attempted to usurp the name and likeness of a successful, thriving local salon business.

In June 2014, Conrad Jordan Esq. obtained a $1.325M settlement in a wrongful death case, against the defendant hospital, in a case involving a failure to timely diagnose a bile leak, which resulted in the untimely death of the plaintiff.

In May 2014, Dianne K. LeVerrier Esq. secured the withdrawal of a temporary restraining order against a popular, seasonal restaurant allowing the restaurant to open and operate for the summer season.

In March 2014, Conrad Jordan Esq. obtained a $1.67Mverdict against a municipal defendant, in Suffolk County Supreme Court after the jury found that the driver of a county bus, which struck the plaintiff’s SUV and killed the plaintiff was completely responsible for the collision. Originally, the police report drew upon the accounts of the bus driver and an eyewitness who faulted the plaintiff for attempting to turn left in front of the bus. The jury ultimately rejected this account and found that the bus driver crossed the center divider and struck the plaintiff’s SUV on the driver’s side.

In November 2012, Dianne K. LeVerrier Esq. obtained a $150K settlement against the seller of real property who sold real property to a buyer without paying the commission to the seller’s broker who procured a ready, willing and able buyer to the subject property.

* Jury Verdict Reports (JVRs) Attached
** Medical Malpractice (MM)

Irving $5.3M 2/09 Queens Negligence View JVR
Stothart $3.5M 9/10 Bronx MM** View JVR
Baccari $3.25M 7/10 Queens MM View JVR
Ruiz $3M 4/05 Brooklyn MM View JVR
Ocepa $2.2M 2/07 Nassau MM View JVR
Diarassouba $1.5M 11/07 (retrial) Brooklyn MM View JVR
Diarassouba $1.5M 7/03 Brooklyn MM View JVR
Taylor $1.3M 10/04 Rockland MM View JVR
Gorman $1.2M 10/08 Manhattan MM View JVR
Baylis $1.2M 4/04 Suffolk MM View JVR
Botticelli $1.2M 11/02 Nassau MM No JVR
Vasquez $1M 3/07 Manhattan MM View JVR

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