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Compensation For Injuries

If someone else’s negligence resulted in an accident and serious injuries to you or someone you love, you should not be the one paying for it. The negligent party should be held responsible and should compensate you for the losses and suffering you’ve been forced to endure. However, there is no way you will obtain the compensation you deserve without a fight. The insurance company and negligent party are not going to be in a rush to give you their money. You need the help of an experienced, successful legal team who knows how to win your case.

At Jordan & LeVerrier, P.C., we represent clients throughout Suffolk County and the surrounding New York area in all types of personal injury claims. Attorney Conrad Jordan has been handling high-end injury litigation, settlements, trials and appeals for more than 30 years. Whatever your injury is, we will take you step by step through the process and fight to get you every dollar to which you are entitled.

Handling All Types Of Personal Injury Claims

Our legal team handles personal injury cases involving:

  • Auto accidents: The firm handles car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, including accidents involving delivery vehicles, construction vehicles and police, fire and rescue vehicles.
  • Premises liability: Premises liability generally includes serious accidents in stores and restaurants, usually involving slip-and-falls due to untended slippery surfaces. Also, dangerous conditions in public places can include untended stairways, elevator accidents, accidents caused by icy parking lots and walkways, and dangerous construction. In terms of residential premises liability claims, the most common ones involve swimming pool accidents. These accidents are particularly difficult for the families of the victims because the victims are usually children.
  • Medical malpractice: We handle cases involving surgical errors, birth injuries, medication errors, misdiagnoses and other medical negligence claims. When your doctor or another medical professional acts negligently in his or her practice, you deserve to be compensated.

We have successfully represented numerous plaintiffs in personal injury and medical malpractice actions in East Hampton, Suffolk County and the surrounding areas, obtaining seven-figure verdicts in seven different counties. We accept medical malpractice and personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means we don’t get paid unless you do. View our Verdicts page and see our proven results.

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Do not wait to contact Jordan & LeVerrier, P.C., to discuss your potential case. There are strict time limitations to filing certain cases, especially those involving governmental or municipal agencies. If you have been injured and are considering filing a claim, call 631-354-9739 or contact us online immediately for a consultation with an experienced lawyer.